Friday, May 04, 2007

Drag & DRop Files to Text Box

Show File Name in Text Box using Drag & Drop

Private Sub TextBox1_OLEDragDrop(Data As DataObject, Effect As Long, Button As Integer, Shift As Integer, X As Single, Y As Single)
Dim i1 As Integer '* Files Counter

On Error GoTo Err_Trap

If Data.GetFormat(vbCFFiles) = True Then
i1 = Data.Files.Count
If i1 = 1 Then
If InStr(1, LCase$(Data.Files(i1)), ".xls") Then
txtExcel.Text = Data.Files(i1)
End If
End If
End If

' ------------------------------------------
' Error Handling
' ------------------------------------------
If Err <> 0 Then
Debug.Assert Err = 0
End If
End Sub

This will be used to show the file name in the Text Box if a file is dragged and dropped into it


  1. Anonymous6:31 AM

    thanks a lot !

  2. Hi

    I am trying to replicate your code, but I am not able to do so. I have a userform with a textbox named Textbox1, but OLEDragDrop is not one of the events listed for TextBox1. I have copied the code, but dropping a file on the textbox does not trigger the event. the How does one enable the OLE event? I have also tried using the BeforeDropOrPaste event, but to no avail.

    Any help would be great, thanks!


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