Monday, December 03, 2007

Comparing two Word Documents using Word VBA

Compare Word Documents using VBA

Here is a simple routine, which will compare two Microsoft Word documents and return the status.

Sub IsDocument_Equal()

Dim oDoc1 As Word.Document
Dim oResDoc As Word.Document

' Delete the tables from both the document

' Delete the images from both the document

' Replace Paragraphs etc

Set oDoc1 = ActiveDocument

' comparing Document 1 with New 1.doc
oDoc1.Compare Name:="C:\New 1.doc", CompareTarget:=wdCompareTargetNew, DetectFormatChanges:=True

'This will be the result document
Set oResDoc = ActiveDocument

If oResDoc.Revisions.Count <> 0 Then
'Some changes are done
MsgBox "There are Changes "
MsgBox "No Changes"
End If

End Sub


  1. Anonymous10:00 AM

    how to make it user friendly like... instead of assigning path in pgm , we shall get from user

  2. Anonymous12:09 AM

    Hi Everyone,

    I've recorded a macro that compares 2 documents but after editing the code I was prompted with an error. can anyone help me to correct this code?

    'ChangeFileOpenDirectory ""
    'ChangeFileOpenDirectory ""
    Application.CompareDocuments OriginalDocument:=Documents( _
    "C:\Users\AAA\Desktop\Transcribed\VT290115.doc"), RevisedDocument:=Documents( _
    "C:\Users\AAA\Desktop\Edited\VT290115.doc"), Destination:=wdCompareDestinationNew, Granularity _
    :=wdGranularityWordLevel, CompareFormatting:=True, CompareCaseChanges:= _
    True, CompareWhitespace:=True, CompareTables:=True, CompareHeaders:=True, _
    CompareFootnotes:=True, CompareTextboxes:=True, CompareFields:=True, _
    CompareComments:=True, CompareMoves:=True, RevisedAuthor:="Author", _


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