Saturday, May 22, 2010

How to insert field in Word 2007/2010

To insert Field in a Word document, select the Quick Parts option from Insert tab

Click on the Field, which will throw the following dialog box

Select appropriate field and enter the values


  1. Anonymous12:51 PM

    i thought this was a vba tips and tricks site? where's the vb code?

  2. This is possible, but difficult, with VBA. See the Microsoft help page on Fields:
    The examples do not declare the Object they use to add the field.

  3. Anonymous12:49 PM

    This should insert the creation date of the document where the cursor is located at the time of running.

    Selection.Fields.Add Range:=Selection.Range, Type:=wdFieldEmpty, Text:= _
    "CREATEDATE \@ ""M.d.yyyy"" ", PreserveFormatting:=True


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